Hgold token

Scrypto Heroes has its own native token, HeroGold (HGOLD), which players can earn by playing the game. The total supply of gold tokens is 1 billion, and for every token earned in the game, an equal amount will be added to the boss. Players can challenge the boss once per week to claim gold tokens as rewards.

The game is free to play, meaning that anyone can earn tokens. However, NFT owners receive higher rewards than non-owners. In addition to earning tokens, players can use HGOLD to purchase in-game items such as scrolls, character buffs, potions, reset character stats/skill,.... When HGOLD is used to purchase these items, 90% of the tokens are burned, while the remaining 10% goes to the developers. This tokenomics design of burning a significant portion of the tokens used to purchase in-game items, and only distributing a limited supply through gameplay, makes the HGOLD token deflationary over time. This scarcity increases the value of the token and incentivizes players to participate in the game to earn and hold onto their tokens.


The distribution of tokens will involve selling 20% of the tokens during a public presale, while the remaining 80% will be gradually distributed in-game. As a result, users who engage in PvP battles will receive a percentage of the total remaining gold tokens. This approach ensures that the game never runs out of rewards, although the rewards will keep decreasing, making tokens more scarce over time. The rewards a player receives will depend on four factors: the level of their hero, whether or not they own an NFT, whether they bought and activated an item to boost rewards, and the number of PvP rounds they participate in each day. Tokens can also be purchased on dex-es, with a 10% sell tax. Of this, 90% will be burned, and the remaining 10% will go to the developers.


During the public presale, 20% (200 million tokens) will be sold, where all the collected XRD will be used for liquidity pool on multiple dex-es. The number of tokens a user receives will depend on the total amount of XRD collected and their allocation relative to all other participants.